New Arts Structures Pvt. Ltd.

New Arts Structures Private Limited, is made up of people like you, who are concerned about designing, constructing and installing high quality of products for the commercial and professional marketplace since 2005. With 7 Years combined project management experience, fabrication brings infectious passion to possibilities ranging from simple architectural solution for such as sports Club, shopping centre and car parking , entrances and walkway covers, cultural and entertainment venues, hospital resorts and many more. Our custom- made structures are finding new answers to old problems.

We make a personal promise to each and every one to our clients that brings us your challenges and let us apply engineering discipline that's perfectly balanced by inspired creatively. We promise to bring everything we can- all the experience, expertise, knowledge, skill, talents, resources and passion we possess as individuals and as a fiercely proud cultural- to achieving your aims and realizing your dreams.

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We are manufactures of Tensile Membrane Structures,Tensile Structure Manufacturers, Tensile Membrane Structure, Tensile Car parking Tensile car parking shade,Tensile Fabric Umbrella,Gazebo / Conical Tensile,Walkways Entrance Tensile,Swimming Pool Shades,Dome Polycarbonate Structure,Awning Structures,Garden Umbrella,Dome Tent / Canopy and Many More Products.

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